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Got a house!!

Our offer was accepted on a home this week.  Hopefully things will work out like they’re supposed to…if that’s the case….I’ll have a large working room for crafting (with my friends according to hubby).  I will also have a rehearsal room for my dance troupe.  Fun fruit flower filled backyard…dinosaur TV in the house..dinosaur kitchen range in the kitchen….Laverne n Shirley swingaway doors leading to the dining room area. 

I should post some pix of my latest cards….after all this is supposed to be a crafting blog LOLOL


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Weekend tripping

I’ve got lots of stuff to do today….cook, prepare salads for the week, make some cards and finish a couple of projects.  Stressed out enough as it is too….i just want to stay home for a while.  They sent us home early on friday because we had no power.  I got a few things done. 

DH came home and i found out later that his 3 day weekend trip with his “friend” is now his friend and his friend’s wife……..with a friend for HER.  I was not invited.  They immediately eliminated me because I’d be an inconvenience…..i’d want to bring the dog, and  they’d have to take two cars.  So since I was an inconvenience to my DH, I was not invited to go to Disneyland.  Any idea how that made me feel? And on top of that, of course DH thinks nothing of it.

 I’m gonna go buy myself a new camcorder.  I have bellydance rehearsals and my old one’s brokey.  Gotta be able to rehearse and practice outside of rehearsal. 

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Hello world!

Oooh i have my own blog now.  I’m special LOL

 currently tryin to find something supercute for a coworker’s birthday tomorrow… any ideas??

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